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The Art of Lute Playing

"The thing that I appreciate about Schuett’s book is that it feels personal and conversational, almost as if he were giving me private lessons one concept at a time."

– Lute Society of America (LSA Quarterly Volume 57, Nos.1 & 2)

In 2022, Laudon Schuett's lute method book, The Art of Lute Playing: with Transcriptions for Classical Guitar, was published by Mel-Bay. From the publisher:


This book will prove to be a treasure trove to any aspiring lutenist or afficionado of the lute and early music. Instead of attempting to create a comprehensive lute method, the first section covers topics that students often ignore, while the second offers a fresh repertoire of newly revised and edited original music for the intermediate or advanced player. On a broader scale, vocalists and students of any instrument would do well to take note of the book’s musical and interpretive concepts.

The Art of Lute Playing: Book Cover
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