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"I find myself humming the tunes when no music is playing and return to the disc for repeat performances."

– Lute Society of America (LSA Quarterly, Volume 51, No.2)


BEDLAM's debut album.


Anonymous: O lusty May         

Alexander Montgomerie: Lyk as the dum solsequium 

Thomas Campion: Give beauty all her right

Alexander Montgomerie: Evin dead behold I breathe

Thomas Campion: Jack and Joan

Anonymous: My bailful briest 

Anonymous: How shall a young man 

Thomas Campion: O dear, that I with thee might live 

Thomas Campion: View me Lord, a work of Thine 

Vincenzo Capirola: Recercar sesto

Vincenzo Capirola: Spagna prima

Vincenzo Capirola: Tientalora

Thomas Campion: Author of light

Anonymous: In a garden so green

att. John Fethy: The time of youth

Anonymous: Into a mirthful May morning

Anonymous: Remember me my deir

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