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"Following on from their debut album on Soundset of Scottish lute lute songs and Italian lute solos, the magical duo Bedlam moves on now to an emphasis on the lute songs of Thomas Campion (who also had several pieces on the earlier release). There is an intriguing aspect to Bedlam’s performances, which is that Sánchez distinguishes between English- English, Irish-English, and Scottish-English, depending on the song and its references or origins…. The pure, agile soprano of Kayleen Sánchez is the ideal complement to Laudon Schuett’s gentle lute…. Sánchez is astonishingly touching, reflecting each musical sigh perfectly…. a truly beautiful release in all of its aspects."

– Fanfare Magazine

"Died for Love is an excellent CD, and I look forward to hearing more form these two uniquely gifted artists."

- LSA (LSA Quarterly, Volume 52, Nos. 2 &3)


"It is in the verses of Campion's "Break now, my heart" that Sanchez reaches her peak of artistic clarity and eloquence. Though the theme of unrequited love is commonplace in songs of this era, she expresses the aching melancholy of the text with uncommonly heartfelt passion and vocal purity."

- Lute Society of America (LSA Quarterly, Volume 52, Nos. 2 &3)

Anonymous: Died for Love

Thomas Campion: What is it all

Thomas Campion: All looks be pale

John Whitfield: The Scottish Hunt's Up

Anonymous: Corn Rigs Are Bonnie 

Thomas Campion: Come, cheerful day

Thomas Campion: Come away

Richard Allison: Sharp Pavane

Anonymous: Lavender's Blue

Thomas Campion: Break now, my heart 

Thomas Campion: Fire that must flame

Thomas Robinson: Gigue

Thomas Campion: Fain would I wed

Thomas Campion: Awake, thou heavy spright

Anonymous: O, mirk, mirk is this midnight hour 

Anonymous: A Ground

Anonymous: Greensleeves

Anonymous: Baloo Baleerie

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